Google unveiled its next-gen Google Assistant at the Google I/O 2019.

The company previewed the next generation of its Artificial Intelligence Google Assistant which is very far ahead in comparison to Apple’s Siri.

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The current iteration of Google Assistant was a Pixel exclusive for quite some time then it slowly made to all Android devices.

Google’s AI Assitant has now made its way to more than one billion devices. It can understand 30 languages in different accent across 80 countries.

It also works with 30,000 unique devices for homes which are made by 3,500 brands globally. Looking it at these number it is clear that Google Assistant is already way ahead of its competition.

Now the revelation will provide even more edge in the battle of Artifical Intelligence Assistants.

Google Assistant 2019

According to the announcements made Google has gained the ability to run its Assistant offline, without any data connection. The current generation of AI assistants uses cloud computing to process everything be it the voice translation or web search.

Google explained that the current generation required more than 100 GB of data to process and understand the requests of the users.

Now, Google has worked hard on it and managed to bring down that data requirement to just 0.5GB or 512 MB. This means that the entire neural network and data model can be stored on the smartphone.

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This will help the Assistant to process the users’ speech with near to zero latency. The reduction in the data size enables your smartphone to do some crazy tasks without the requirement of the continuous data connection.

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Google also showcased the improved support of Google Assistant with other apps. Even though the current version can control core functionality the next iteration will provide better control over third-party apps.

Google Assistant: Release Date

Pixel 4

We know that the next version will ship with the Pixel 4.

It will remain exclusive to Pixel for a year or so and then it will trickle down to other Android devices.