Google Assistant vs. Alexa

Tech giants Google and Amazon are at war to bring one more personality in the lives of masses.

They are looking to occupy the homes and phones in 2019 as digital assistants are the forefronts of the applicable AI market.

If you are looking for a new digital assistant and confounded by the amount of option available market then we have compared the leaders in digital assistant.

Basic Features

Google Assistant and Alexa both used AI to communicate to the users.

Both assistants can do basic function like controlling smart devices, checking for flights and keeping track of the scores of your favorite football team.

Let’s delve deeper to see the differences

Which one is smart?

Google Assistant and Alexa have improved from their earlier development days and answer basic and general question.

However, talking to Google’s Assistant feels more natural due to its ability to understand vague questions dependent on previous communication

A Google Assistant user can skip music track on Spotify by simply saying that he doesn’t like the track but Alexa simply denies the command by stating that the feature is not available which is a bummer.

Basically you Google Assistant is able to understand pronouns in a communication. Alexa struggles big time in this department.

Accuracy and speed of results

Google Assistant is both fast and accurate when compared to Alexa while searching for questions on the web.

This ability comes from the fact that Google is the largest and fastest search engine in the world and the Assistant has all the resource of the search engine at its disposal.

On the flip side, Alexa uses Microsoft’s Bing to fetch the result. Bing is a good search engine but it gets nowhere near Google.

There is an app enable Alexa to search using through Google but that defeats the purpose of using Alexa with the additional hassle.

Ability to do more

If we take a look at the ability to do some specific task then Alexa takes the cake. It provides “skills” which are apps that add capabilities to the assistant. Skills are available in the number of thousands and are targeted towards every specific niche.

Google Assistant and Alexa comparison

On the other hand, Google Assistant also offers a similar option called “actions”.It should be noted that the number of action are limited and niche.

One feature that Google might add to the armory is Google Duplex which is the ability of Assistant to take calls for you.

Google Duplex

Exclusive Features

Both assistants provide an easier way to control the companies media center offerings.

Google Assistant provides the user to control Chromecast which is a cheaper media dongle that lets user cast content on a non-smart TV.

Alexa offers the user to control Fire TV Stick and new 4K Amazon Fire TV.

It should be noted that Google Assistant provides better integration on the phone which is good for not so tech-savvy people.

Availability on Mobile Platforms

Alexa is always looked primarily as AI assistant on a speaker but it is also available on both major mobile platforms i.e. Android and iOS.The app only provides limited functionality.

Google Assistant is available on every Android phone currently available in the market and can be downloaded iPhone from the App Store.

Google Assistant and Alexa comparison

Google Assistant and Alexa comparison: Hardware Offerings

Google Assistant and Alexa is accessible through a smart speaker however Google Assistant is more readily available on phones.

There are several third-party gadgets that ship with built-in assistants. However, people are most likely to buy first party offerings.

The cheapest offering by Amazon for Alexa is Echo Dot 2 with an excellent microphone and not so good speaker.

On the other hand, Google offers an ascetically pleasing Google Home Mini with better sounding audio drivers.

There is a huge list of devices that offer the Assistant and Alexa on them.

Final thought on Google Assistant and Alexa

Even though Alexa is a fine offering from Amazon but it lacks the natural way of communication of Google Assistant.

The ability of Google Assistant to communicate so fluently and naturally gives an illusion that you are talking to a person, which get shattered after heavily vague question.