Game of Thrones Jon Snow Daenerys relatation

Jon Snow was seen as Ned Stark’s bastard throughout the first seven seasons of Game of Thrones. But the former Night’s Watch leader was all wrong about it. Jon Snow turned out to be a Targaryen prince as revealed by Bran Stark and Samwell Tarly.

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Game of Thrones: Who is Jon Snow?

Game of Thrones story begins after the end of the Mad King’s era. During Aerys’ reign, Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell were married. However, Rhaegar ran away with Lyanna Stark, who was Ned’s sister and betrothed to Robert Baratheon.

Everyone believed that Rhaegar had kidnapped Lyanna and as a consequence, Robert Baratheon waged a war against the Targaryens.

Game of Thrones season 8 Jon Snow Daenerys related
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Meanwhile, Ned Stark found her sister at “The Tower of Joy”. We got to see this location in one of Bran’s flashbacks. But Ned couldn’t make it in time to save her sister. She gave birth to a child whom Ned raised as his bastard and named Jon Snow. Lyanna told him to keep this a secret. She said,

If Robert finds out he’ll kill him. You know he will. You have to protect him. Promise me, Ned.

Ned kept Jon’s secret safe with him until Bran finally revealed his true identity. It was really hard for Jon to accept this at first. This not only makes him a Targaryen but Daenerys’ nephew as well. Daenerys is the daughter of the Mad King. The two are not worried about incest at the moment. The Iron Throne is everyone’s major concern.

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Daenerys relatation
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Samwell read about Rhaegar and Lyanna’s marriage during his time at the Citadel. He discovered that Rhaegar’s first marriage was annulled and he was lawfully married to Lyanna.

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