Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who plays the character of Brandon “Bran” Stark in Game of Thrones has been a mainstay on the show right since Season 1 to the final season of the show. The character, who assumed mystical powers mid-show, has often been a part of several fan theories, the most popular of which is ‘The Night King Theory”. However, Isaac has now put an end to this saying it is not true.

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Game of Thrones Night King
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Let us take a closer look at this theory, as well as Isaac’s comments about it.

Bran Stark Night King Theory on Game of Thrones

Many fans of the show believe that when the show finally ends, the final episode of Season 8 will see Bran Stark become the next night king. Stark, who has the powers of the three-eyed Raven, can see the past as well as the future. He can also control certain events of the past.

Game of Thrones Night King Children of Forest
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Hence, the theory suggests that Bran will control the body of the man who is being converted into the Night King by the Children of the Forest and avoid the change from ever happening. However, he will fail to do so and get trapped inside the body of the Night King and ultimately the present-day Night King is actually Bran.

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Isaac Denies The Theory

This popular Game of Thrones theory is one that upsets the Bran Stark actor. He commented during the season’s premiere that he does not want to be compared with an ice-zombie! Furthermore, he commented that:

Game of Thrones Bran Stark Three Eyed Raven
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“I tell you what isn’t my favourite theory: the night king one. People just seem to think it’s happening. I can’t see how there have been any clues for it, but it just seems to have really gained traction.”