One of the most awaited Disney sequels is finally out now with the new trailer for Frozen 2. The fans of the princess movie were waiting for 6 years and finally received the sequel update. Frozen 2 will continue the journey of Queen Elsa who has special Ice powers and her sister Anna. The brand new trailer for Frozen 2 movie contained so many details which you might have blinked and missed.

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Although the makers at Disney were smart enough not to reveal any major plot lines, the trailer was full of hidden details. Here are the main things you might have missed in the Frozen 2 trailer on your first viewing.

Frozen 2 Trailer: Things you Missed

The trailer for Frozen 2 was released by Walt Disney animation studios on June 11 and since then it has gone trending. While the total duration of the Frozen 2 trailer is less than 2 minutes, it was packed with so many things. Here are the important details and the connection with the first Frozen movie you might have missed.

The Shape of Water Horse

Frozen 2 trailer breakdown review Disney did an awesome job by not revealing much information about the movie in the new trailer. The trailer starts with Elsa trying to stop a big ocean wave, but after a while, she can’t control and falls down in the water. It is when she encounters a magical horse in the water, and the story starts. The scene almost parallels the shape of the water movie poster.

Gateway to the New World

Frozen 2 trailer breakdown review

After which, Anna summons the wise trolls which tell the group that Elsa has to travel far to the unknown magical lands. The new journey of Frozen 2 begins and Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and his reindeer Sven goes on a new adventure. They travel to the far lands of winter, where more magic is introduced. The group reaches a magical waterfall gate, which everyone fears to cross, but Elsa opens it and a whole new world is unlocked.

Group of Trolls will be Important

Frozen 2 trailer breakdown review

The wise trolls shown in the first Frozen movie make a comeback and guide Anna and Elsa on how to face a new threat. The last movie just teased the audience about the magical powers of the trolls and their leader Grand Pabbie. Frozen 2 might contain something big and hopefully, the group of Trolls will take part in the end battle.

Monster from the Visions

Frozen 2 trailer breakdown review

In the first movie, Anna creates a snow monster from her visions to keep her isolated but he goes at the end. While the snow monster in Frozen falls down from the mountain, it is believed that he never died.

Frozen 2 trailer breakdown review

The end of Frozen 2 trailer teases about the monster from Anna’s vision when she is playing with her snow powers. It is totally possible that some other person is controlling the monster.

Anna has also Powers

Frozen 2 trailer breakdown review

While the first movie hinted that Anna has also some sort of magical powers, it is also teased in Frozen 2 trailer. If you look carefully Anna and Count Olaf are seen traveling in an ice boat without Elsa nearby. It could mean that Anna finally learns how to use her ice powers in Frozen 2.

Arendelle will have another Winter

Frozen 2 trailer breakdown review

The forever winter in the kingdom of Arendelle was the main plot point in the first Frozen movie. It was the reason why Elsa was exiled as a queen, the new trailer shows another winter coming down on the city. It could be possible that Elsa does that to save the kingdom of Arendelle from some bigger threat.

The Magical Stonehenge

Frozen 2 trailer breakdown review

There seems to be a lot of magic in Frozen 2 movie and it might also explain its origin source. At the end of the trailer, the magical place looks similar to the Stonehenge. Frozen 2 might focus on the place and explain how everyone got their powers.