Frozen 2 release date cast trailer spoilers

Frozen 2 without a second thought is going to be a huge moment of celebration for fans. And if reports are to be believed then, then the sequel to the Oscar winning movie is closer to release than ever.

Frozen is already in the screening test phase. In this phase, makers watch the entire movie reel by reel to ensure that the movie is good to go for public viewing in theatres.

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Frozen 2 plot

Frozen 2 release date cast

Okay! The trailer of the sequel was already out online sometime back. It gave a glimpse of how the character of Elsa had changed over time. Elsa’s character has dark shades. And this is not it. There are more things to check out in the sequel woven around a mysterious plot.

Fans believe that Elsa’s sister Anna will also discover her powers. She will fight forces with her sister. Sisters’ power will combine and set out on a new timeless adventure.

There is another theory going around for a while. This suggests that the sisters will face enemies just like them. They are both searching for the truth. But what is this truth? We will get to know that once the movie releases.

Frozen 2 cast

The cast of the Frozen will return to grace the sequel. Idina Menzel will play Elsa. Kristen Bell will play Anna. Jonathan Groff will don the character of Kristoff and Josh Gad will portray Olaf.

Frozen 2 release date

Fans have been waiting for a sequel of this for a long time. There wait seems to be over now. Frozen 2 is going to release on November 22, 2019.