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As Elsa has finally acknowledged her frosty powers, fans are looking forward to knowing what Frozen 2 brings next for them.

Frozen, a fairytale-like concept movie, was loved by both kids and adults. However, Frozen 2 might not be a kid-friendly movie as the original one was.

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Frozen 2: Not a kid-friendly movie

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Kids will not be able to watch Frozen 2, as the second installment will be PG-rated this time.

As per a report by Forbes, Frozen 2 is likely to feature more mature content. Hence, the movie is assumed to receive a PG-13 rating by the movie regulation board.

The mature content is assumedly about the spoiler related to Elsa’s dark awakening. Elsa will reportedly turn out as Lesbian in the second installment of Frozen.

Frozen 2: Elsa’s awakening

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Last year, fans suggested that Frozen 2 may highlight Elsa’s lesbian relationship. The theory then awakened that Elsa is not straight and may emerge as a lesbian in the sequel of the Frozen.

Elsa is suspected to reveal her true colors in the upcoming chapter. The hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend is trending at the moment. It is likely to convince that Elsa had lesbian tendencies and will be discovered in Frozen 2.

A Brazilian human rights minister, Damares Alves, addressed the crowd at an on-going Christian event. She fed them that Else in Frozen 2 is a lesbian, and she will turn their children to gays. She further explained that Elsa dreams of marrying a “princess charming.”

Frozen 2: A female love interest

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According to a report by The Guardian, Frozen 2 director Jennifer Lee said, “We will see where we go.”

Director Jennifer Lee’s response stemmed the rumors of Elsa being a Lesbian in Frozen 2. The movie is soon to be released, and the theories about Elsa’s sexuality are fueling up.

The world premiere at the U.K is yet to be announced. Nonetheless, Frozen 2 is arriving in theaters on Nov 22 in the United States.