Frozen 2 release date trailer poster plot

Frozen 2 is set to be released on the silver screen all over the world on November 22 and promotion of the sequel has already been started by Disney. A Japanese poster was released in the latest marketing strategy, which revealed quite a lot about what to expect from the film.

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Frozen 2 release date poster trailer

The bottom of the poster read, “Why was Elsa given powers?” Although the text is quite vague, it appears that the characters will be trying to find what the source of Elsa’s ice magic is. This is precisely what many fan theories have tried to speculate on in the past.

What are Elsa’s powers?

Frozen 2 release date cast trailer spoilersThe first installment showed that there are several seemingly unrelated things Elsa can do with her magic. She can blast anyone with a cold gust of ice that can freeze them, and she can also create living creatures out of ice. Moreover, she also changed her clothes and built a mansion with snow.

It will be interesting to see how Frozen 2 explains this seemingly unrelated assortment of powers. Fans are speculating about this, and some people have suggested that it may be something related to her bloodline. We could be introduced to one of her long lost relatives who had similar powers and passed it on to her via genes.

Frozen 2 cast and release date

frozen 2 official trailerFrozen 2 will be returning with the same cast, that is, Elsa will be played by Idina Menzel, Anna by Kristen Bell, Kristoff by Jonathan Groff, and Olaf by Josh Gad. There may be new announcements regarding more cast members too.

For now, all we can do is wait till November 22 to see what lies next.