Fortnite Season 9 Release

Fortnite Season 9 is still some time away, given that Season 8 is a recent development too. However, there is always anticipation for a new season, especially when it comes to Fortnite. Changing seasons in Fortnite bring in changes to the landscape as well. For instance, the volcanic eruption at the end of Season 7 led to changes in the map for Season 8.

Fortnite Season 9 Whats new
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Hence, excitement is high for Fortnite Season 9. What changes to the map will be made? What will be theme of the upcoming season of Fortnite, when will it start? Let us take a closer look at the game and attempt some questions here.

Fortnite Season 9 Start Date

While there is no official word as to when Fortnite’s Season 9 begins, we can make some guesses based on when Season 8 ends. Going by the countdown, Fortnite’s Season 8 should come to an end on 8th May. This means the season is only 69 days long.

Fortnite Season 9 Start Date
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By that estimate, Fortnite Season 9 is likely to begin sometime in mid to late-May 2019. We will know when the 9th season is going to start because Fortnite begins to tease a new season on social media. That usually lasts for three to four days, following which the season comes out.

Fortnite Season 9 Theme and Map Changes

Fortnite Season 9 Update
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Every season of Fortnite comes with a theme and brings changes to the maps. The game tends to bring forward a large number of changes from time to time. Usually, towards the end of every season, a major geological event takes place which changes the way the map of the game looks like. This makes sure the gamers get a refreshed experience every time they play the game.

Towards the end of Season 7, the volcanic eruption happened. Towards the end of Season 6, there was an iceberg crash which brought a lot of snow. While it is hard to guess what the next update would be, it might be something related to global warming or the heating up of the earth given that the update will come out in the summer of 2019.

Fortnite Season 9 Map changes
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Stay tuned with us for more updates from Fortnite Season 9! The game continues to innovate its elements to keep the gamers engaged.

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