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Fortnite season 9 doomed to be failure?

Fortnite Season 9

Fortnite has stayed the top grossing game with the highest number of players for a long time, but since the last two months, it is in trouble. There is a constant decline in the number of active players and users are shifting to other new games such as Apex Legends or PUBG.

Fortnite, developed by Epic Games, has been constantly updated with new seasons coming up at regular intervals. While trying to lure new players, Fortnite season 9 is changing the gameplay and introducing new things such as John Wick’s house or Sky Platforms. While the evolving gameplay attracts Casual players, more of the permanent pro players are leaving the Game.

Fortnite: Decline in Numbers

Fortnite Season 9

Nothing stays on top forever, and neither is the case for Fortnite, with time which is faded away. Fortnite was one of the most trending game at one time with more than $250 million players at a time, which is four times the whole population of the UK.

Fortnite has now lost its touch, a thing is enjoyable while it’s new, and it is being overtaken as it gets old. The makers of Fortnite are trying hard to stay relevant, but the balance to have a stable game with constant updates is almost an impossible task.

Fortnite Season 9

The more experienced pro players who play a game for missions and tactics and improving their skills are leaving the game as it keeps changing each day. Fortnite has been losing regular players in a bid to stay relevant and attract fresh users. Since the start of 2019, people have stopped searching for Fortnite on Google, and its numbers are constantly decreasing.

Fortnite is Still Making Profits

Fortnite Season 9

The decrease in numbers and losing pro players is not much of an issue for Fortnite makers, as it is still making them money. As per the Insider Reports, Fortnite made a profit of $3 billion in 2018 alone. The major source of revenue is generated from player buying game items and premium battle pass. While Fortnite is making profits, it is the hardcore gamers who are at a loss here.

Fortnite Season 9

What Fortnite need to understand that one day it will run out of new players, and must focus on the needs of regular pro players too. Constant map updates and addition of new items might one day make the game unplayable, which needs to be noted by Fortnite makers. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Fortnite updates and other news.

Written by Anukriti Ghosh

Though I am a Bioinformatician, my inclination towards content writing is never less than it. I relish doing research, reading, and writing. I can easily jot down, not for me but for my readers. And through this, I wish to bring the best of me to my readers.

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