Apex Legends Mobile needs to bring some serious heat to beat PUBG Mobile

Apex Legends published by EA and developed by Redspawn Entertainment has already garnered a huge player base with more than 50 million unique accounts and 2 million concurrent players.

EA which has created its name for the titles like Need For Speed, FIFA, and Titanfall, recently lost its sheen in the consumer base.

It is highly likely that the mobile version of Apex Legends could be in the making as hinted by EA CEO.

The hopeful advent of this shooter mobile version has already created a buzz in the mobile gaming industry and it is expected to take on PUBG Mobile the highly successfully port of PUBG PC.

Apex Legends Mobile needs to bring some serious heat to beat PUBG Mobile

If everything goes right Apex Legends Mobile could be looking at more than 250 million players but competing with PUBG Mobile is going to a be tough ask.

Why it is hard to beat for Apex Legends Mobile to beat PUBG Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile vs PUBG Mobile
Apex Legends has fun and fast-paced style of gameplay with a sci-fi backdrop with futuristic appeal, unique gun mechanics and character or in this case Legends which have special abilities has attracted users.

However, PUBG Mobile revolutionized mobile gaming with its real-life gun and vehicle physics and its ability to run on lower-end devices.

PUBG creates its gaming value with its real-life player and gun mechanics in contrast to Fornite or upcoming Apex Legends Mobile.

PUBG Mobile also has garnered support worldwide with its largest player base in Asia and a gave birth to Pro scene around a mobile game which is a huge feat in itself.

Keeping in mind that EA in the past have changed games so much to make it work on other platforms that they lost all of its core principles. It is going to very hard for the publisher to make a true to the source port. It should be noted that low-end efforts never worked for mobile ports, especially for complex games like Apex Legends.

One last thing that might make it hard for Apex Legends Mobile to compete with PUBG Mobile is the gameplay modes.

PUBG Mobile offers single, duo and squad matches on the other hand Apex Legends features squad only gameplay.

Apex Legends Mobile Final Thoughts

If EA is able to make a successful port of Apex Legends Mobile it is going to be a huge boost for the mobile gaming industry and gamers in general.