fear the walking dead

Fear The Walking Dead has gone down a spiral that it does not seem to be able to get out of. The series made some drastic changes way too quickly that were inconsistent with the characters and the end result can be noticed in the ratings of the show.

Bad decisions one after the other

fear the walking deadFor one, it is not a good decision to kill two major characters without any foreshadowing. Not only did it make the fans angry and disappointed, but the sudden plot twist may also just be enough to kill the show entirely. It is also a bad choice for the beloved character Alice, played by Alycia Debnam-Carey, to lose her leadership among the group.


A recent report has revealed that the fifth season of Fear The Walking Dead will be released later this year. But fans are still reeling over the mess that was the last season. The death of Madison and Nick Clark, played by Kim Dickens and Frank Dillane respectively, is probably one of the worst decisions made by the showrunners.

It is therefore not surprising that fans are worried that the next installment will suffer from the same fate as the last season. Fans fear that this may result in the worst possible outcome, that is the show getting canceled.

What’s next

fear the walking deadThis synopsis of the show was released and there is a lot we can expect to see on June 2 when the show premieres. It read, “The group’s mission is clear: locate survivors and help make what’s left of the world a slightly better place. With dogged determination, Morgan Jones (James) leads the group with a philosophy rooted in benevolence, community and hope.”

It further added, “Each character believes that helping others will allow them to make up for the wrongs of their pasts. But trust won’t be easily earned. Their mission of helping others will be put to the ultimate test when our group finds themselves in unchartered territory, one which will force them to face not just their pasts but also their fears. It is only through facing those fears that the group will discover an entirely new way to live, one that will leave them forever changed.”