Fake HIV AIDS cure

We are in the year 2019 and still, there is no cure of HIV/AIDS as the research are still in early development stages. But not all of the world is aware of the situation, and some criminally minded people are exploiting it.

In a shocking revelation, more than 50,000 people of Uganda were tricked into consuming a fraud ‘miracle cure’ for HIV/AIDS by a US Pastor. Here is the whole deal about the miracle HIV/AIDS cure.

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The Miracle cure was Fake

Fake HIV AIDS cure FDA

Apparently, a US Pastor named Robert Baldwin was behind the whole ill deed which put the lives of 50,000 Ugandans including little children at risk. According to reports, Baldwin was working with famous English clairvoyant who also funded the whole thing.

The people of Uganda were convinced that the miracle cure called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) can treat HIV/AIDS and Malaria. Officials have reported that the so-called cure is fake and nothing but a type of industrial blue color bleach.

How was the culprit exposed?

Fake HIV AIDS cure FDA

The culprit was then exposed by a medical activist who works against such illegal treatments. Fiona O’Leary is a blogger who posed as a journalist to interview US Pastor Robert Baldwin. In a sting operation, Baldwin confessed on audio that the miracle water is nothing but just MMS. He also revealed that he was conducting the whole operation through the church to avoid any suspicions.

FDA Warning

Fake HIV AIDS cure FDA

It is not the first time someone has used MMS as a cure for HIV/AIDS, there have been some previous reports. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already banned the substance in 2010 when the first reports came into light. People consuming the miracle water to cure HIV/AIDS have fallen sick. We advise everyone to not to fall such scams, stay safe and have information before consuming any sort of medicine. The cure to HIV/AIDS is on its way and will be out there soon.