Unquestionably one of Netflix’s most outstanding original series is Enola Holmes, and; if we could have it the way we wanted, we would immediately approve three more episodes. After witnessing the successful 2020 sequel, Enola Holmes 2, which stars Millie Bobby Brown as the teen detective for a 2nd time, fans eagerly anticipate Enola’s next adventure.

In case you were unaware, Nancy Springer’s novel series inspired the Enola Holmes movie series. The series consists of eight volumes, each focusing on a mystery that Enola resolves to solve while introducing new people along the way.

Has Enola Holmes 3 been officially confirmed?

Has Enola Holmes 3 been officially confirmed
Has Enola Holmes 3 been officially confirmed

There has been no official announcement from Netflix regarding the status of a third movie. Enola Holmes 3 is a real possibility, though, based on the excellent reception of the initial film and the series fame. Enola Holmes 2 has already received excellent reviews from critics, which is encouraging for the franchise’s future.

Having already extended an invitation to come to Sam Claflin to reprise his role as Mycroft Holmes in the future, Harry Bradbeer, the director of the series, has also stated that the prospect of a third movie is on the table. Fans may have a long wait before a third movie is revealed after Enola Holmes 2 got promised 6 months following the release of the first picture in September 2020.

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When will Enola Holmes 3 get an official release?

Enola Holmes 3 official release news
Enola Holmes 3 official release news

In any case, it’s possible that fans won’t get to watch a third movie for a while if Enola Holmes 3 moves forward.

Enola Holmes was released in September 2020, while Enola Holmes 2 came out two years later (November 2022). The cast is also entirely booked and quite busy. For instance, Millie Bobby Brown is working on many projects in addition to the 2023 Stranger Things season finale.

We’ll update this article with new details if a third Enola Holmes film is confirmed.

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