EA Access

EA Access is the Netflix for Gamers, where one can download and play any EA Games by paying a monthly subscription fee and can cancel it anytime. The times when people used to buy games CDs have long gone, today is the age of digital streaming and live gaming, on which EA Access is basically based.

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But before you decide that we should buy EA Access for our PS4 and Xbox One, you should know the pricing, the game included, how it works and what are the benefits or shortcomings. Is it worth your money, well the information provided next would help you decide better.

How does EA Access Works?

EA Access on PS4 and Xbox One

EA Access basically works on the concept of digital streaming or downloading library, you have a catalogue of brand new games from which you can choose, download and play the game. The Games which you have downloaded are stored into your account digitally and wherever you log in, the Games will be available in the system.

EA Access on PS4 and Xbox One

More ever, the Games will be synced to all your console devices, even including Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus. There are no how many times you download or delete any Games, all you need to do is keep subscribed to EA Access. Once you cancel your subscription, you will not be allowed to access your Game Library.

Games List, Price and Discount Offers

EA Access includes more than 50 games from EA which consists of popular titles such as NFS Payback, Sims 4, FIFA 18, NHL 19, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Madden, Dead Space, Catalyst, Skate, Titanfall, and so many other games. The list of Games keeps on changing with the trends and popularity and new games are added with time, with no title being permanent which can be removed at any time.

EA Access on PS4 and Xbox One

The current subscription plans costs around $4.99/month or $29.99/year where one can save $30 by having an annual subscription.

EA Access members also get an additional 10% discount on any games purchased through a publisher from Xbox Store or PlayStation Store. The discounts are applied to the base price of a game, which can be used even during Sales.

Is EA Access worth buying?

Users get the chance to try and play video games 5 days before they arrive on the Game Stores. Madden 20, FIFA 20, Star Wars Fallen Jedi, etc are some of the Games which can be accessed early this year. The members get a 10-hour trial before they decided to buy a game, all while their progress is saved.

So the question remains is that a $4.99 fee per month is worth for the EA Access? It depends on your use if you are a big-time Game lover who likes the latest Games and plays regularly, 10% discounts for a few games might cover up your cost.

Also, one would have an incredible Vault facility where they can store as many Games as they want. So, we believe EA Access is worth for frequent Game buyers, while also flexible in terms of payment. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Gaming Updates and other news.