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Dragon Ball Super chapter 48 spoilers, predictions and release date: More trouble for Goku and Vegeta

Dragon Ball Super chapter 48 will come out just some days from now and we can’t just wait to see how Moro and Boo’s battle will be like. While the hero in pink seems to have an upper hand, we speculate that the human-goat hybrid may also turn the tables during the fight since we haven’t seen him at his best until now.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 48 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 48 Spoilers

The latest leaked spoilers might worry many fans as Vegeta and Goku aren’t really in a shape to take on anyone as they are recovering from the last battle injuries they suffered while fighting the eater of planets. With Saiyan seeming unfit to fight and Boo being expected to downfall, who will take on the fight in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super chapter?

Piccolo can be one strong candidate for this. The warrior is on Earth right now for now, and some DBS spoilers believe that he may travel to the New Namek. He believes that something worse is coming on the way of his own people. The chapter 48 of Dragon Ball Heroes will see him finally come, feeding Senzu Beans to all his comrades.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 48 Predictions

Dragon Ball Super- Chapter 48- Predictions

After that, his army may give him an all-new way to heighten his power by the technique of assimilation that has been mentioned in the arc. This could be exciting for most Dragon Ball Super manga as we haven’t seen Piccolo getting a power boost since long.

Moro seems to be threatening people around for their lives on the whole planet. We can easily assume that some Namekian warriors may not hesitate in sacrificing their lives for giving a chance to Piccolo against the villain. Talking about travel, we may see Bulma potentially transporting the fighter to New Namek in the soon to release Dragon Ball Super chapter 48.

Moreover, Satan is also expected to come along on terms that Boo is in-between a fight. Now we don’t know what the case is but chapter 48 of Dragon Ball Super shall high up the stakes with everyone giving everything they have to get their goals.

Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 48: Release Date

Dragon Ball Super chapter 48 will release on 20th May. Whereas raw scans for the chapter will hopefully make their way a few days prior.

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