Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47- Predictions And Release Date

In the last chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga, we saw Vegeta and Goku fighting against Moro. However, they failed due to Moro stopping them from turning and the duo was also low on their Ki.

Thanks to Goku and Vegeta’s powers, Moro grew stronger and his Dragon Ball hunt continued.

They were saved by the Namekians and meanwhile, we also saw the use of the Namekian trump card fusion to build a warrior in order to halt Moro. However, he did end up by getting shot by Moro which placed the whole planet in danger. So let’s talk about chapter 47 of Dragon Ball Super.

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Before we get started, we’d like you to know that the following article may have some minor/major spoilers for chapter 47. If you’re someone who doesn’t like spoilers, you may stop right here. However, if these spoilers don’t affect you, we may get started. We would also like to tell you that we don’t leak any spoilers. The ones you find here are all over the Internet.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47 spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47- Predictions

Without any doubt, fans are wanting a Vegeta and Goku showdown against Moro. But do they stand a chance? They may seek the help of Merus again, just like Goku wanted to do in the last chapter.

Finally, Majin has awakened and he might be taken up with them. Some chapter 47 rumours are that Android 17 may also prove of great help as he doesn’t have Ki, and just like that, Moro can’t really take it all in or absorb it. But this seems too far fetched and the time we have is quite limited.

Moro may go against Buu, Vegeta and Goku or either Vegeta or Goku will be tapping into the Ultra instinct mode to end him. We don’t really see another way for them to win in chapter 47 of the manga.

Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47- Release Date

Dragon Ball Super 47 will be released on April 21.

Raw Scans Release Date

Raw scans of Dragon Ball Super chapter 47 will be out by April 18.