Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47- Leaks, Spoilers and Release Date

The Dragon Ball Super manga series has been excellent since the past few months and this week, fans will see the next chapter of the story that they’d been waiting since long.

In the last chapter, we came across Vegeta and Goku getting decimated, thanks to Moro as they were unable to use their Ki nicely and couldn’t even transform properly. The Namekian warrior was also shot by Moro. So what happens next now? Let’s dive into chapter 47 of Dragon Ball Super.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47: Leaks

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47- Leaks

Before we start with Dragon Ball Super, we would like to tell all our readers that the article may have some major or minor spoilers regarding Dragon Ball Super’s upcoming episode. If you love Dragon Ball Super and don’t like being spoiled, let’s not go any further. Notably, we aren’t responsible for leaking any of these spoilers as they are already available everywhere.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47: Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47- Spoilers

Chapter 47 of Dragon Ball Super leaks are here and as per those leaks, Majin Buu will step into the battle. Moro can’t take on him properly and gets bashed a lot during the fight. Vegeta and Goku are here too but they aren’t too powerful till their actual extent.

Nevertheless, they are trying their level best, hinting that they’d join the battle soon enough. We don’t exactly know when that would happen though. Super has seen Freeza rising extravagantly to levels but Majin hasn’t really done the same. It would be excellent if fans could see some great fighting sequences. Hopefully, Dragon Ball Super 47 will cater to it.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47: Release Date

Chapter 47 of Dragon Ball Super will come out on 21st April.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47: Raw Scans Release Date

Dragon Ball Super 47 raw scans will be out on April 20.