Did Kate Middleton faint amid cheating scandal and divorce rumours with Prince William?

Kate Middleton cheating scandal divorce Prince William

The recent stories about divorce with Prince William and the cheating scandals led the Duchess of Cambridge to collapse. Kate Middleton cried her heart over the failing marriage and collapsed after that. But are these rumors true?

Are Kate Middleton and Prince Williams divorcing?

The cheating scandal story, as well as the divorce rumours, are nothing but a lie. There is no truth in these assertions and there was no collapse. The tabloid magazine Globe will get the award for most wrong proven outlet for the misinformation and such wrong stories. The publication has been a culprit for spreading obscenities about the royal couple.

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Credits: Daily Mail

Globe also supported the news with a so-called royal insider for legitimizing its claim, but the news has no truth in it. These are nothing, but plain lies. It was asserted that Kate Middleton had locked herself up supposedly cried her eyes out, after which she collapsed. Her parents found her crumbled on the floor when the door was unlocked.

The report gave in-depth detail of the entire episode, but it’s of no use now. The cheating scandal was only a fabrication by the insane tabloid magazines. We don’t know if the royal couple’s marriage is perfect or not, but it is certainly not falling apart as claimed by the tabloid.

 Kate Middleton cheating scandal divorce Prince William
Credits: Daily Mail

The royal couple is raising three children and trying to get pregnant with another one. There may be no recourse to the scandal, but it will fade away with time. The public has already started questioning the reports. We hope that this will provide some clarity to them. All is well between the royal couple.


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