Dark season 2 review

Dark, the latest science fiction thriller on Netflix will soon have a season 2 starting from June 21. While the first season received positive reviews, season 2 looks a bit dull. Dark is one of the first original German series from Netflix, which has gained fame worldwide.

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With season 2 just a week away, science fiction authors are saying that the show is doomed to fail. In a surprising turn of events, Netflix announced that the show will also have season 3 as the final season. But all of the plans could be canceled if the upcoming season turns out to be poorly reviewed. Here are the main reasons why season 2 of Dark can be a disaster and fail badly.

Comparison with Stranger Things

Dark Season 2 Stranger Things Dark has been popularly called as the German Stranger Things, while it is a compliment to the show, it could also be a problematic thing. Stranger Things has set the bar very high, also it has rich source material and a higher budget. No one like a copy, viewers will instead watch Stranger Things season 3 instead of Dark season 2. The comparison has increased expectations from the second seasons of Dark, which it may not be able to fulfill.

The dubbing sound Issue

Dark Season 2 sub dub english

One of the most common issue with any of the foreign language show is the subs and dubs issue. While the Dark TV series is originally produced in the German language, the non-German users have to either watch the English dubbed version or with subtitles. It is common knowledge that people hate looking at subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

Also, the dubbed audio can never match the emotions of original character voices from Dark. There have been a few sound effects, which lose their quality in the dubbing process. Dark season 2 may not be liked by the worldwide audience.

Too much complicated Plot

Dark started as a simple mystery show when children started disappearing from the fictional German town of Winden. But as the show progressed, more and more characters were introduced. Kahnwald family, Nielsen family, Doppler family, and Tiedemann family are having a lot of members which is hard to keep track.

Time travel has also complicated a lot of things, and cramming everything into 3 seasons is a bit tough. Dark season 2 might be liked by the Germans, but overall it is bound to be a failure.