Dallas Cowboys lost against the Saints because of their Passing Game, Claims NFL Expert

Dallas Cowboys lost the Week 4 Sunday game to the New Orleans Saints despite having the upper hand. The Cowboys offense was in full form with three straight victories, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot were doing an amazing job. The Saints on the other side were missing out on their starting quarterback Drew Brees and were not on their full capacity.

Terry Bridgewater and the other New Orleans players couldn’t even score a single touchdown. The Cowboys defense was so great in the game but still, they lost somehow by 10-10. NFL expert Bryan Broaddus has broken down the reasons and blames the passing game of the Cowboys for losing out to the Saints.

Reasons why the Cowboys Lost to the Saints

Reasons why the Cowboys Lost to the Saints

Dak Prescott passing the ball to Randal Cobb was near the end zone was totally aimless. It was such a bad throw and Prescott made a huge mistake in passing even though his decision was best given the circumstances at that point.

Amari Cooper couldn’t deal with Marshon Lattimore when Prescott passed the ball to him and it leads to another blunder from the Cowboys side. Prescott had other easier options but he went with the most difficult one and lost the ball to the Saints side.

The fumble from Ezekiel Elliot was also a game-changing point, despite the Cowboys fans arguing about a wrong call from the referee, it gave a field goal chance to the Saints and the lead continued till the end.

Tyron Smith Injury

Dak Prescott couldn’t deliver the ball to Randall Cobb which was kind of an easy task, instead he threw it behind and Cobb couldn’t catch it. If the catch was made, the Cowboys could have been celebrating their 4-0 streak right now.

Marcus Williams saved the Saints territory by taking out Randall Cobb before he could cross to their side. It was the time Cowboys needed Tyron Smith but his ankle injury resulted in them losing the game.