cure for cancer

Scientists from the United Kingdom have revealed that there may be a new cure for cancer drugs on the horizon, which can prevent the disease from killing people and keeping the growth of tumors in check.

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Research conducted at London ICR

Professor Paul Workman, who works at the London Institute of Cancer Research, said that he is hopeful that cancer can be effectively cured in the coming years, hopefully in the next 10 years. He added that what it means is that cancer will be treated similarly as asthma. With drugs, cancer would become a manageable disease.

This can be done by taking a combination of several drugs to prevent tumors from spreading and killing the patient. Cancer is especially fatal because it adapts quickly and spreads to the rest of the body. Dr. Workman is working on a medication that can prevent that from happening.

Patients may still need radiotherapy and surgery

cure for canceCure for cancertreatment for cancercancertumour cure for cancer 2019cure for cancer 2019He also added that patients will still need to receive radiotherapy and surgery. He said that he is hopeful that the combination of all these methods can prevent the death of the patient from cancer.

The new drug is called Sacituzumab, and it works by directly targeting tumors while avoiding healthy cells. It is an antibody that only recognizes cancer cells. It will also help in delivering essential chemotherapy drugs only to cancer cells.