Vaccine is the new cure for Cancer: Find out how does it fight the tumors

    How a New Cancer 'Vaccine' Fights Tumors Throughout the Body

    The cure for Cancer now has a new vaccine on its list. This one is according to the latest study. This vaccine will trigger the immune system. By doing so it will attack the cancer cells. This will be done throughout the body.

    Moreover, the vaccine will be injected into a single tumor. This will be done directly.

    What do the researchers say?

    According to the researchers, the experiment turns tumor cells into factories for cancer vaccines. It is because of these immune cells learns recognition.

    How a New Cancer 'Vaccine' Fights Tumors Throughout the Body

    Cure for cancer now has is a vaccine
    Source: Harvard University

    It starts recognizing the cancer cells. Post this, it can seek and destroy the tumor cells. Moreover, this will be done throughout the body.

    Experiment results show tumors melting away. Moreover, this is for throughout body. And it happened because of the injection of one single shot of vaccine.

    Cure for cancer through vaccine

    This research got published today, i.e. on the 8th of April 2019. It is published in Nature Medicine.

    The experiment was conducted on 11 people. These patients have non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This is a cancer of cells of the immune system.

    How a New Cancer 'Vaccine' Fights Tumors Throughout the Body

    New vaccine can now cure cancer
    Source: 1md

    Moreover, all the patients did not respond to the vaccine. However, some of them had longer periods of remission. But, the experiment was strong enough. Therefore it is being tested again. This is to solidify the conclusions.

    Other benefits of the vaccine

    The effects of the vaccine are not limited to curing cancer. Apparently, it boots another immunotherapy. Therefore makes it even more effective. This therapy is also known as “checkpoint blockade”.

    This is vaccine is not technically a vaccine. However, the “Cancer Vaccine” is the term that will be used for it. It is an “in situ vaccination.” This is because the injection is injected directly into the tumor cells.

    Scientists are positive of great results coming from this theory. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more updates.

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