Cure for breast cancer

Scientists are yet to discover a cure for cancer as studies are going on for the improvement of treatment medication as well as regimens. The good news is that a group of researchers has recently developed a new drug for breast cancer, which shows a lot of potential.

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The trial has been funded by Novartis and it studies the effect of Kisqali combination therapy among patients of breast cancer. The drug is a ribociclib inhibitor, and it is right now added to endocrine treatment for these patients.

Survival rate improves for breast cancer

American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting was held in Chicago last week, and the results were presented then and. Researchers worked with breast cancer patients for 42 months and revealed that the drug showed a 70.2% survival rate among patients who took it. Currently, the survival rate for women receiving endocrine therapy is 24% worse.

The trial was conducted in 30 countries, and participants of age 18-59 took part in it. All the females in the study were of premenopausal age.

The lead author of the study, Dr. Sara Hurvitz Side said that the gold standard in such studies is the overall survival benefit to the patient. She also added that it is difficult to achieve this result in HR+/HER2- metastatic breast cancer.

The lead author speaks out on the potential cure for cancer

She said,

“Impactful results like these ribociclib findings are what we wish for in every clinical trial, and to achieve overall survival improvement in an incurable disease, like metastatic breast cancer, is truly an outstanding advancement for patients.”

The cure for cancer has been haunting scientists for a long time now. Although breast cancer is the most common diagnosis among women, when it comes to cancer treatments for the same, they are not working. Over 2 million women were diagnosed with the disease last year, and breast cancer was reported to be the fifth most deadly type of cancer in the same year.