Jacoby Brissetts Predictions

Indianapolis Colts will face their division rivals Tennessee Titans in the Week 2 Sunday night football game. The team badly needs a win as they lost against the Los Angeles Chargers of Week 1 at score 30-24. Andrew Luck has retired and without him, the Colts are having a tough time. Jacoby Brissett was promoted as the starting quarterback and he is not handling the pressure very well.

Despite him putting good numbers in the Colts vs Chargers game, something was missing which binds the team together. The Titans will enter the game with a fresh victory over the Cleveland Browns with a 30-points lead. The Colts will largely rely on Brissett to perform in Colts vs Titans game, and the failure to do so could be trouble for everyone.

Jacoby Brissett needs to Take Charge

Colts vs Titans Week 2 Predictions

There will be more pressure on Brissett compared to the first game as this time the Colts needs a victory to open their count. Even though Brissett completed 21 of his 27 pass attempts for 190 yards in the Week 1 game, he only managed two touchdowns without any interceptions.

The starting quarterback has to level up his game against the Titans and put up some numbers in the range of Andrew Luck. Brissett needs to atleast rush for 300+ yards and score a minimum of three touchdowns. The Colts could lose badly if he doesn’t performs as per the expectations and the whole blaming game would come down on him.

Colts vs Titans: Score Predictions

Colts vs Titans Predictions

Marlon Mack is another name from the Colts who could do some damage against the Titans. He had 174 yards and a touchdown on 24 carries in the Week 1 game and may again repeat rushing for 100 yards or more. The Colts defense looked solid in the start but still, they gave up 30 points to the Los Angeles Chargers.

It doesn’t mean they won’t perform in the Colts vs Titans game, there will be at least four turnovers till the end of the game from Indianapolis defense. The Colts are a good team and with Brissett as their starter can beat the Titans to level the game on 1-1 win-loss count.