NFL Week 1 games where amazing with some team performing their best while other teams were useless. Most of the predictions were close to the actual results and it makes the Week 2 games more interesting. Here are the NFL predictions, betting odds and over/under picks for the best four games of Week 2 – Sunday, September 15 matches.

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins

NFL Week 2 Predictions Cowboys vs Redskins

Washington Redskins defense is very bad under Jay Gruden and they let the Philadelphia Eagles score 32 points in the last three quarters. Dallas Cowboys offensive side will easily destroy the Redskins in the Sunday night NFL game.

Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliot are the best offensive trio who has been scoring more than 26 points in their last nine regular-season games. Case Keenum is the only name in the Redskins which gave them life and hopefully perform in the Cowboys vs Redskins game too.

Betting Odds: Cowboys vs. Redskins Over 46.5

Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers

NFL Week 2 Predictions Vikings vs Packers

Minnesota Vikings have one of the best defense in NFL and they stopped the Atlanta Falcons at just 12 points in their season-opening game. The Vikings have stopped the Green Bay Packers led by Aaron Rodgers at just 17 points or less in the last six Vikings vs Packers games. The Packers on the other hands doesn’t have a solid offense and they just scored 10 points in the Week 1 game against the Chicago Bears.

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Betting Odds: Vikings vs. Packers Under 44

Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans

NFL Week 2 Predictions Colts vs Titans

Colts and Titans both suffer from running back problems and it might continue in the Week 2 game also. Baker Mayfield was kind of useless and missed three interceptions in the Titans vs Cleveland Browns game and it won’t happen with the Colts.

Jacoby Brissett did a great job of replacing Andrew Luck despite losing out in the first game against the Chargers. Colts vs Titans would be a tough fight with the only advantage the Titans have is that they won their first game.

Betting Odds: Colts vs. Titans Under 44

New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams

NFL Week 2 Predictions Saints vs Rams

Saints vs Rams is the rivalry everyone has been waiting for after the low-scoring game of NFC Championship finals. Los Angeles Rams are nearly impossible to stop at their homeground under the leadership of head coach Sean McVay. It would be a high scoring game where the total could go as high as 50 or more.

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Betting Odds: Saints vs. Rams Over 52