Indianapolis Colts lost everything when Andrew Luck announced his sudden retirement from football. The Colts are no longer considered as the favorites in the AFC South division and things are getting tougher for them. Los Angeles Chargers could easily beat the Colts at their home stadium opening match on Sunday.

Even most of the star players like Melvin Gordon and others won’t be playing for the Charger, making Colts vs Chargers as one of the most interesting Week 1 game. LA Chargers are the favorites at their home with 6.5 points and with the total points dropping to 44.5. Here are the betting odds, winner predictions and spread covers for the Colts vs Chargers game of NFL 2019 season first week.

Jacoby Brissett replacing Andrew Luck

NFL Colts vs Chargers Brissett replacing Luck

The Colts were once the contenders for the Super Bowl title but losing their star quarterback have changed so many things. Andrew Luck is now replaced by Jacoby Brissett who will open the games for his team in the Colts vs Chargers match. Brissett has a lot of pressure and everyone excepts him to fail given his team was one of the worst offensive lines in NFL.

A lot of things have changed and even Brian Hoyer has bought in from the Patriots as the backup quarterback. The Chargers will attack the newly formed offensive line and Brissett will be their main target. Colts vs Chargers without Luck will be more like Brissett against the defensive side of the LA Chargers team.

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Chargers without Gordon, James and Okung

NFL Colts vs Chargers missing main players

Even the Chargers will be going in shorthanded in their game against the Colts as three of players are not available or injured. Melvin Gordon is sitting on a holdout and will most probably miss the entire 2019 NFL season or at least the Week 1 game. The All-Pro safety Derwin James is suffering from a foot injury and will take a year to recover.

Russell Okung as the starting tackle is not also there and it further weakens their offensive line. The Chargers have home advantage and the fact that the Colts will be playing without their star quarterback. Colts vs Chargers game can go to any side and it will be difficult for the host team to even score 6.5 points.