Los Angeles Chargers will finally face the team of Indianapolis Colts on Sunday at the Week 1 games of NFL 2019 season. The Colts will miss Andrew Luck as his announced his sudden retirement from football. Even the Chargers won’t be on their full force as Melvin Gordon has been sitting out on a holdout and things are not working out.

Chargers vs. Colts Week 1 game can go in any way as both teams are missing their star players. Most of the NFL analysts are predicting Chargers as the winners of Sunday game but things are happening out of the wild recently. Here are the NFL predictions for Chargers vs. Colts game with the main focus on Jacoby Brissett, Melvin Gordon and Philip Rivers.

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High Pressure on Jacoby Brissett

Pressure on Jacoby Brissett

The Colts have signed Jacoby Brissett for a two-year extension at $30 million as they wanted him to replace Andrew Luck. It doesn’t mean he will play the same way and it will take him to adjust in the new position. The Chargers are not going to let him go and Brissett will be the main point of their attack.

It is not like Brissett has never opened a game, he has plenty of experience and replaced Luck for 16 games in 2017. But that was temporary and now it is a permanent thing with all eyes looking at him. Jacoby will be under a lot of pressure, and the Chargers will try to contain him throughout the Chargers vs. Colts game.

Philip Rivers without Melvin Gordon

Rivers without Gordon

Both the teams are balanced or can simply say handicapped as even the Chargers will also be opening the game without Melvin Gordon. Philip Rivers is no doubt a good quarterback, but without Gordon passing him up there can be a lot of problems in the field. The Colts can also take advantage of the whole situation and Rivers can face some heavy attack.

Luck and Gordon are not playing the game and still are the most impacting factors on the Chargers vs. Colts Week 1 game. The final result will ultimately be decided by the team which manages some quick manages and sticks to the outside corner of the field.