With the announcement of Google Stadia, a Cloud Gaming Service, Google has made a huge impact in the Gaming Market. Cloud Gaming requires no Consoles and can stream video games in 4K at 60 FPS.

How can Microsoft stay behind? It is planning to launch its own streaming game service, ‘xCloud’. Kareem Choudhry, chief of Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming recently gave hints about xCloud and its effects on traditional Consoles.

What is Cloud Gaming and how does it Works?

how cloud gaming works

Cloud Gaming, also called gaming on demand is the latest gaming technology. It doesn’t require any extra hardware or consoles, all we need is a screen, a controller and a high Internet speed.

The actual game is stored and running on a remote operator or Game company’s server. The video of that game is live streamed on the user’s computer or mobile screen. The user commands (pressing control buttons) are directly transmitted to the server, and the game’s response is changed in live time.

Cloud Gaming Issues

Microsoft xCloud vs Google Stadia

The biggest problems that cloud gaming services faces are latency issues and lack of servers. Latency is nothing but the time taken or delay between a given command and its response. Several trail runs have achieved the latency of less than 10 milliseconds.

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That sounds great, but it depends on the Infrastructure, there are many areas in the world where internet speed is still an issue. Also with the increase in the number of users, servers have to be increased. A proper network is needed for even distribution and seamless transmission.

Future of Cloud Gaming

Microsoft xCloud vs Google Stadia

Technology is evolving day by day, things which seemed impossible earlier are happening today. From dial-up internet connection to 5G, internet speeds are increasing each day. Once 5G Technology is established all over the world, the streaming speeds won’t be an issue.

Microsoft, Google, and other companies are installing gaming servers throughout the world. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal have been released on cloud gaming service Stadia.

Researchers and Game developers are trying to make streaming game service better every second. In the near future, cloud gaming technology will be perfected.

Will Traditional Gaming Consoles be Finished?Microsoft xCloud vs Google Stadia

According to experts, even though Gaming Consoles are becoming outdated, they will still be made in the future. Gaming Consoles and Cloud Gaming will co-exist with each other.

Some people still prefer it old-school, where they connect the Gaming Consoles to a TV and play games without any worry of streaming speeds or server issues.

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The future of Gaming will always be certain, maybe a few years later a new technology arrives and even cloud gaming becomes outdated. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Gaming Updates and the latest news.