Chernobyl season 2 release date Russia

Sky Atlantic and HBO have not confirmed the second season of Chernobyl yet. The show’s debut season ended this week. The fans are already wondering if there will be another series of Chernobyl. Here’s all the information that you need to know about it.

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Season 1 concluded with episode 5. The show talks about the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant explosion in 1986. The final episode aired on HBO earlier this week, and the fans can watch it on NOW TV. The episode aired on 4 June on Sky Atlantic. The finale episode finally revealed the truth about what happened at Chernobyl.

Will there be another show of Chernobyl?

There is no announcement about Chernobyl Season 2 yet. The miniseries was initially a limited and close-ended series, so a second season doesn’t seem likely. Ahead of the finale, the show creator Craig Mazin already confirmed the end of the show in a tweet.

Chernobyl season 2
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He said,

For everyone watching #ChernobylHBO, the hard part’s over. No more guns. No more death. Next week, you’ll see what happened on that fateful night.

He thanked the audience for being a part of the journey. The entire team was truly honored to present the show as a dedication to all who sacrificed and suffered during the tragic event. The show successfully traced the devastating nuclear disaster.

Chernobyl season 2
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In the first four episodes, the viewers saw the Soviet government and the staff of the Chernobyl plant deny the devastating accident. Meanwhile, Boris Shcherbina, Ulana Khomyuk, and Valery Legasov were trying to figure out the truth. The finale episode finally saw the Soviet Union face investigation and trial for the nuclear plant disaster.

UPDATE: Now, according to the latest reports, it looks like Russia is going to create their own version of Chernobyl. Only this time, it will be an alternate view of the same story, which will focus mainly on how the USA was directly responsible for the tragedy.