Chernobyl Season 1 live stream watch online HBO

Chernobyl, the HBO TV miniseries has become the highest rated show on IMDB. A few months back, the word Chernobyl was associated with the tragedy and nuclear power plant breakdown in Chernobyl, Ukraine. It was one of the worst manmade disasters, and a few groups of brave people risked their lives to save everyone.

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Chernobyl Episode 4 has further increased the show’s rating to 9.7 and it has become trending all over the world. Everyone wants to see Chernobyl Season 1 live, without any interruption. Here is how you can watch season 1 of Chernobyl from anywhere in the world.

Chernobyl on official HBO

Chernobyl Season 1 live stream watch online HBO

The most basic way to watch Chernobyl is HBO, as the show is produced by HBO network itself. HBO has its own App, websites and additional bundle package for other streaming services. You can subscribe to HBO Now streaming service at $14.99 per month and enjoy all HBO shows along with Game of Thrones. Chernobyl new episodes are aired live over HBO App, website and TV channel. Episode 5 of Chernobyl will also air on HBO on June 4, Tuesday,

Stream in the US

Chernobyl Season 1 live stream watch online HBO

If you are living in the US, then you have got plenty of options to watch Chernobyl. As we all know that Chernobyl is an HBO show and HBO network is a US-based company, so it is the easiest to watch it here. In the US, there is HBO GO, HBO Now, Hulu, Roku TV, Amazon Prime, etc and so many other services which airs HBO originals. You can subscribe to any of them at a basic package starting from $9.99 to $54.99 and watch Chernobyl in HD.

Stream in the UK

Chernobyl Season 1 live stream watch online HBO

The next biggest fan base of Chernobyl comes from the UK area. Anything that is broadcast in the US, is also shown in the UK and vice versa. Chernobyl in the UK can be watched on Now TV Entertainment channel and it airs the show just after the US premiere. If want to watch live, you can subscribe to Sky TV Atlantic and watch Episode 5 of Chernobyl live at the moment it airs. It offers a 7-day free trial, with a £17.99 for three months subscription fees.

Stream in other Countries

Chernobyl Season 1 live stream watch online HBO

If you are living outside the US and the UK and still want to watch Chernobyl, there are many services available. HBO has tied up with partner network in most of the countries to stream Chernobyl live all over the world. If you are living in one of the following countries, here is how you can watch Chernobyl.

  • Canada – Crave, 30-day trial, then $20 per month
  • Australia – Foxtel Now 10-day trial, then $15 per month
  • New Zealand – Soho, no trial, $24 per month
  • India – Hostar, $4.99 per month, $14.99 per year
  • UAE- Wavo, $2.99 per month

Other methods to watch Chernobyl

If you are unable to access any of the above methods, or your region doesn’t support HBO, there is no need to feel bad. There are plenty of other ways to watch Chernobyl, without much efforts required. If you have subscribed to any of the streaming services and can’t access it due to location issues, a VPN service can be used to handle that.

VPN changes your home location and let you access blocked content. It can be used to watch Chernobyl live from anywhere in the world. Though, we advise you not to use a VPN and find a working service in your area, as it can have harmful effects on your device. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Chernobyl updates and other news.