Cam Reddish is one of the hottest players in the NBA, and if trade rumors are to be believed, the player is the first choice for more than a few teams.

There’s been much going on in New York lately regarding transfer reports and rumors. This time, journalists from across the ocean suggest that the Knicks authorities are considering a trade with Cam Reddish, for which there are already willing people. However, the player declared that he did not ask the club for a replacement.

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Luka Doncic Cam Reddish Knicks trade deal rumours
Cam Reddish warmup

Which teams want Cam Reddish involved in their trade deal?

Cam Reddish didn’t find in the New York Knicks what he missed in the Atlanta Hawks. The winger cannot permanently break into the active rotation, although he has played 20 games this season, 8 of which in the starting five. His averages, however, are not very impressive. He averages 8.4 points, 1.6 rebounds, and one assist per game. The record effectiveness from the game in his career (44.9%) deserves mention, but the efficiency from behind the arc also looks worse than when he played for Jastrzębie.

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Cam Reddish has not played in a NBA game in 51 days.
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Reddish’s main asset is supposed to be “athletics,” through which he attracts the attention of teams. According to reports from SNY’s Ian Begley and Newsday’s Steve Popper, Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Miami Heat have already expressed interest in the 23-year-old’s services. The Lakers had allegedly already made contact with the Knicks, but the sides would need a third team to carry out the trade.

However, in a recent interview, it is worth noting that Cam Reddish emphasized that he did not ask the New York Knicks for a trade. The player also added that he was not informed of any ongoing talks that could involve an exchange involving him.

Which team is the favorite to sign Cam Reddish?

Luka Doncic Cam Reddish Knicks trade deal rumours
Cam Reddish in a Polo shirt

Dallas Mavericks is the team who would like Cam Reddish the most; why? The answer is Luka Doncic, one of the best players in the NBA. The coach of his team thinks he needs help, according to the latest news. The reason why Knicks wants to trade Cam is he is very expensive for them. Here is how much he earns :

Cam Reddish signed a 4-year / $19,328,334 contract with the Atlanta Hawks, including $19,328,334 guaranteed and an average wage of $4,832,084. In 2022-23, Reddish will earn a primary wage of $5,954,454 while carrying a cap hit of $5,954,454 and a dead limit value of $5,954,454, according to Google.