Brexit has been the most discussed topic ever since the decision to cast vote for it was made. Since then the question has been a crucial one that whether Brexit will actually take place or not and if yes then when.

It has been almost three years since when Britain voted for its exit from the European Union in June 2016 and almost two years after Britain had set its departure date for 29th March 2019. But still, the politicians of Britain still remain deadlock over this exit of Britain from the European Union which has been named as Brexit.

Brexit: What’s New?

It has been just another day of chaos as now the Prime Minister, Theresa May is seeking at putting the Brexit deal to Parliamentary vote once again. This has been May’s thrice defeated deal related to Brexit.

Neither Theresa May’s promise of resigning if her deal is passed nor the guarantee of the extended deadline by the European Union could entice the MPs to cast vote.

Brexit happening or not?
Theresa May’s promises could not entice MPs to cast vote
Source: Financial Times

Moreover, Britain ultimately could not reach any definite conclusions even on the day which was originally intended to be the exit date of the UK from the Union,i.e. 29th March 2019.

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Brexit: What is the new date of the exit?

The earlier and also the original date which was decided for this exit to take place is no more news for anyone. 29th of March 2019 passed by with May trying to convince her MPs to cast vote for her Withdrawal Agreement.

Therefore comes a new date on which Article 50 is supposed to be triggered. Post May’s request for an extension for the exit from the European Union, the Union decided 12th of April 2019 on which Article 50 is set to be triggered. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. European Union has put forth its own conditions for the extension.

Brexit: What are the conditions?

The European Union would have agreed to further extend the deadline of Article 50 if and only if the Withdrawal Agreement portion of the deal of Theresa May would have passed through the parliament on 29th of March.

Since May fails to do so, the Union has said that now PM will have to get back to them with something which is significantly different. This will be to prevent the crashing out of the United Kingdom from the European Union without a deal on the 12th of April 2019.

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Brexit happening or not?
The new date for triggering Article 50 has been declared
Source: Politico

What more could happen?

With so much happening around and yet no definite results coming out, it is really difficult to say which side this deal is gonna take. However, there are equivalent chances that all these developments might pave way for a softer Brexit.

This could be said because of the efforts taken by the MPs to steer Brexit in a productive direction by taking control of the House. The motion this time failed with just eight votes.

One thing could be said for certain that Brexit isn’t going to be a cakewalk. We assure to keep you updated on all of it.