Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

After the four-year relationship between Bradley Cooper and Irina ended, rumors have been flying that he has returned to his A Star Is Born co-star Lady Gaga. Speculations regarding the relationship between Cooper and Gaga is more than just platonic had been floating on the internet way before the split, and it seems that the break up has only solidified what people already suspected.

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An amicable breakup

Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk Lady Gaga dating marriageRegarding the breakup, the former couple has announced that they will be co-parenting their two-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine. They also stated that there is no bad blood between them, and the decision to go their different ways was fairly amicable.

After the breakup, it was natural for fans to assume that Cooper will be returning to his close friend Lady Gaga for emotional support. Moreover, some fans even believe that Gaga was the cause of the split between the couple. Rumors of their romance have been ubiquitous since their film released.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper relationship: What happens now?

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper datingDuring the promotion of the film, intense chemistry was evident between the two. They stated that it was purely for the promotion of the movie. They also admitted that they feel like they are each other’s soulmates, although they later revealed to fans that it was all purely platonic.

Now, after the breakup, it is expected that Cooper will get together with Lady Gaga. However, we have not heard any solid report on relationship status. However likely it may seem for the duo to get together, only time will tell what the truth is about the Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga dating rumors.