Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga got prestigious nominations and awards for the movie ‘A Star Is Born’. But it didn’t end there. Several romance rumors have been brewing about both of them since their convincing on-stage performance of ‘Shallow’ this year at the Oscars. Are the two seeing one another since then?

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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper dating rumors put to hold

But reports do not confirm this news. In fact, reports suggest that Cooper and Lady Gaga have not met after their Oscars performance.

Since the awards season ended, Bradley spends every day with his family.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper
Credits: The Independent

Lady Gaga’s on-screen love interest has decided to take a break and spends most of his time with Irina Shayk (his partner and supermodel) and their daughter Lea. Sources reported,

Most days, Bradley and Irina take Lea out for activities together.

Meanwhile, supermodel Shayk was caught in between the unproven claims surrounding Cooper and Lady Gaga. But the same source has also reported that the couple seems great together. So if you are wondering what’s going on between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, here’s all you need to know.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper
Credits: US Weekly

The two have not been spotted together since their performance. Bradley Cooper is spending all his time with his family. The two surely had a great time at the Oscars this year. While Lady Gaga got several awards for the song “Shallow” including Golden Globe, Oscars, Critic’s Choice, and a Grammy, Bradley Cooper also shared a Grammy with her.

There is no possibility for a sequel of the movie. But the actor talked about their reunion on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Watch the video to know more.