Is ‘A Star is Born’ on Netflix?

“A Star is Born” was not only got nominated for the Golden Globe Awards, but it also got lucky with an award as well. The movie was nominated in eight categories including Best Original Song for which it won an award. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper gave an amazing performance at the awards ceremony.

What is A Star is Born all about?

The movie narrates the story of a singer (Bradley Cooper) who is struggling with alcohol. He goes on to help a young singer (Lady Gaga) grow and find fame in her singing career. Gradually, the two fall in love with one another as she rises to fame and his career decline.

The movie is a remake of the original 1937 movie which was also called “A Star is Born”. The movie was also a directional debut of Bradley Cooper.

Are you waiting to watch “A Star is Born” online? Then here’s all you need to know about how and where to watch it.

Is ‘A Star is Born’ streaming on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the fans would have to wait a little longer. Netflix is not starring the movie currently. But we are sure that it will be out there soon. We will keep you updated with everything. So you need not worry.

Netflix has not made any official announcement regarding it yet. But you are getting impatient, then there are other ways to watch the movie online. You can watch “A Star is Born” on Vudu and iTunes for now.

How many awards did the movie receive?

“A Star is Born” was nominated for eight categories including Best Actor and Best Actress. It won an award for the Best Original Song for “Shallow”. The two gave an amazing performance at the awards ceremony as well.

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