Conor McGregor Tyson Fury Boxing news

Conor McGregor is trying to stay relevant nowadays as he wants to make his comeback strong. Last year after losing to Khabib, the Irish boxer retired from the sports. After trying to venture into other fields, he is back once again in the ring. Conor vs Khabib rematch is in full trend these days, with both of them having a war of words before the actual game.

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The former champion McGregor is trying to win the hearts of the people back, which is why he is praising Tyson Fury. Here is what McGregor said about the heavyweight champion Fury, and how the boxer responded.

McGregor Praises Fury

Conor McGregor Tyson Fury Boxing news

Tyson Fury recently released videos of himself working out for his upcoming matches, which went trending soon. As soon as Conor McGregor saw it, he was quick to respond over it. McGregor shared it on Twitter that how we were impressed by seeing the champion is so active even at the later stage of his life.

McGregor is very active on Twitter recently; he even offered to host the fight between Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise. The former Canadian pop star drunkenly tweeted and challenged the 54-year-old actor for a UFC fight. Conor McGregor was smart enough to cash it to his popularity.

Tyson Fury Workout Sessions

Conor McGregor Tyson Fury Boxing news

Tyson Fury has a big fight in the coming days against Tom Schwarz, for which he is doing an intense workout. The fight will happen this weekend on Saturday, June 15. It is one of the most anticipated fights, and Fury vs Schwarz will take place at the MGM Grand. The heavyweight champion also responded to McGregor saying he is also a good fighter and ‘Facts are Facts.’