Justin Bieber is always making headlines, not because of his music but due to other things. First, the Canadian pop star was in the limelight when he married Hailey Rhode Bieber, which was a surprise to everyone. Now Justin has made a bizarre statement, where he has challenged the famous actor Tom Cruise for a UFC fight.

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While Justin Bieber was tweeting that he will release his new album soon, the tweet about fighting Tom Cruise was a stunner. It got viral soon and most of the world is commenting on it, while UFC legend Conor McGregor is offering to host the fight for them.

Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise: UFC Fight

As on June 9, Justin Bieber from his official Twitter account challenged Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon ring. He further said that if Tom Cruise doesn’t take the fight, he will never be able to live it down. Bieber also tagged UFC President Dana White to arrange for a much. No one has any idea why there was such a tweet, as there is no previous relation between Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber.

It is also interesting to note that Tom Cruise is not on Twitter so there is no way he could have responded to the challenge. People on Twitter are constantly retweeting this, which also reached to the UFC biggie, Conor McGregor.

McGregor adds more spice to the Drama

When Conor McGregor saw the tweet, he couldn’t control his excitement and shared the news and offered to host the fight. McGregor called out Tom Cruise to be a man enough and accept the challenge. Also, he offered to host the fight on his channel McGregor Sports and Entertainment. In another tweet, McGregor challenged actor Mark Wahlberg for a fight, and it looks like he is trying to stay relevant after his retirement.

As of now, there is no response from Tom Cruise on the whole issue, but the world has started betting on the fight. Most of them believe them Tom Cruise even at the age of 5, would whoop the floor with Justin Bieber. Tom is a trained martial artist and also performs most of his own stunts, so he is the top choice in the Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise fight.