British professional boxer Tyson Fury is among the most popular names in the world of boxing. With an impressive unbeaten record to his claim, Fury has been around the world of boxing for 11 years now. However, at a time when Fury has hit his prime, he made a shocking claim about retirement which is going to surprise a lot of his fanbase!

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Tyson Fury Retirement

Let us take a closer look at what he said ahead of the Fury vs Schwarz match, which is all set to take place this Saturday night.

Tyson Fury vs Tom Schwarz: Loss Means Retirement for Fury

Fury vs Schwarz is all set to be an interesting match. This is Tyson Fury making his return to the ring for the first time since the controversial Fury vs Wilder match six months ago. Schwarz too, is a major name in the sport and is undefeated at 24 wins. The German boxer has been around since 2013 and is currently the WBO Intercontinental heavyweight titleholder.

Tyson Fury Announces Retirement
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Fury has announced that if he loses this boxing bout against Tom Schwarz, it means his professional boxing career is over. Adding more to his statement, he said that he takes things ‘one fight at a time’.

Is Fury Still Upset Over The Wilder Draw?

Tyson Fury Boxing Retirement
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The match against Deontay Wilder was perhaps one of the most controversial matches that Tyson Fury has ever been involved in. Having entered this match with an unbeaten record of 27-0, the draw against Wilder took it to 27-0-1! With this retirement stipulation being announced ahead of the Fury vs Schwarz match, it appears that Fury might still be upset over the Wilder draw.