Boruto Episode 98 spoilers and release date for new arc

    Boruto Episode 98- New Arc Spoilers and Release Date

    We have the upcoming Boruto Episode 98. Well, to be honest, Boruto isn’t really one of my favourite anime shows right now as the whole direction that the Boruto has decided to take. We have had a few decent ones too, but talking of it overall, we don’t feel there has been a lot of improvement since the whole Mitsuki arc.

    According to us, Boruto anime won’t get any better until the manga is adapted or if we move to the Shikamaru and Sasuke novel.

    Boruto Episode 98: New Arc Will Begin

    Boruto Episode 98- New Arc Will Begin

    As of now, we are going into a new arc in Boruto, and it seems like it has a lot of potential for being decent enough. In this article, we will be discussing Boruto Episode 98 and some of its spoilers.

    So before we kick start, we wish to let you know that this article may have a few major/minor spoilers, so in case you’re trying to avoid them, we advise you to go no further from here. However, in case you’re good with spoilers, here we go!

    Boruto Episode 98: Spoilers

    Boruto Episode 98- Spoilers

    Boruto Episode 98 seems pretty weird if we go by the spoilers. As what we’ve been told and seen, Boruto Episode 98 will have a few wild birds which are trying to attack a distant location. These frequent attacks had been bothering many people, but it’s also causing issues for almost everyone.

    Team 7 of Boruto Uzumaki and team 15 of Kakei Sumire will be asked to have a glance at this whole issue although it may seem like a really easy and small mission, it will likely turn into a massive problem. The bird attacks are linked to Juugo and Curse Mark.

    As these are influenced by the Curse Mark and are totally out of control. The arc will also see Jugo making an appearance soon, and just can’t wait to watch him and many more characters when they return too.

    Boruto Episode 98: Release Date

    Boruto Episode 98 will premiere on March 16. You may watch it on Hulu, Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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