Boruto Episode 96: Preview, Spoilers, Release Date And How To Watch Online

    Boruto Episode 96- Preview, Spoilers, Release Date And How To Watch It

    We have come across some really incredible episodes of Boruto adapted from Naruto. While the episodes’ story is progressive and nice, I feel it flows without mentioning that these Boruto episodes have been delightful to watch. The Sasuke and Naruto one were pretty enjoyable for the viewers to watch.

    Boruto Episode 96 Prediction: What’s to come

    Boruto Episode 96- What's to come

    The episode of Choji and Chocho was slightly weird, but we strongly believe that the upcoming episode won’t be the same. By the recent leaks of Boruto, speculation and spoilers, we don’t really feel that the next episode will actually be very good. However, I do feel at the same time, that we are all excited to see Wasabi, Sumire and Namida in the forthcoming episode of Boruto.

    This isn’t really the best of people and teams, as we may already know and even the people don’t have a likelihood towards them. However, we also have Hanabi, who will be a huge part of the next episode of Boruto. Hanabi is a beloved next generation character in Boruto. We all want to see her character develop more so perhaps the next episode could be used to do that.

    Boruto Episode 96: Rumours and Spoilers

    Boruto Episode 96- Rumours and Spoilers

    So what’s in store for Boruto Episode 96? Boruto Episode 96 will focus more on Namida than any other character or team member. The girl with the crying Jutsu, Namida has a scream and voice that makes it really hard for her opponents to fight. However, she hasn’t developed full control on her abilities and Jutsu. This is why she’s mostly seen as a hindrance during all the missions.

    Namida, however, will control her Jutsu, thereby trying to improve the usage of her ability. Her Sensei, Hanabi will help her accomplish that. As we’ve seen earlier in Boruto, Hanabi is both, strong and capable Jonin, and she’s an extremely good trainer. We hope to see something really good in the forthcoming episode.

    Boruto Episode 96: Release Date and How to Watch It

    Boruto Episode 96 will premiere on 3rd March 2019. Fans may watch it online on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation.

    Boruto Episode 96 Preview Trailer Subbed

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