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Boruto Episode 97: Spoilers and Release Date

Boruto Episode 97- Spoilers and Release Date

Boruto Episode 97 will air soon! Lately, Boruto hasn’t been good enough and we feel that this is because fans haven’t seen much stuff from it. Boruto isn’t far from the manga at the moment, and if they do end up adopting something, it’s likely to turn into a disaster, in terms of pacing.

So in order to avoid that from happening, we are getting a few in-between episodes that are often good, and often bad.

Boruto Episode 97

The whole arc of Naruto Shinden was pretty good. It’s over now, and here in this article, we’d discuss Boruto Episode 97. Before we start, we wanted to notify you that this article may consist of various spoilers from the upcoming episode of Boruto. In case, you don’t want any spoilers, we suggest that you don’t go with the article further. However, if the spoilers aren’t much for you, here we go!

Boruto Episode 97: Spoilers

Boruto Episode 97- Spoilers

Episode 97 of Boruto got the title of “Shikadai’s Decision”. This straightaway tells you that it will be about Shikadai. Many fans are wondering if this episode will see the beginning of a new Boruto arc, but no, we aren’t. This is just going to be one episode, just like we have Sarada’s and Chocho’s. Episode 97, similarly, will be about Shikadai. We also believe that this episode won’t be too good either.

Episode 97 of Boruto will feature Shikadai taking to his father about political stuff. Obviously, it turned out to be a more massive problem than what Shikadai thought it to be.

He finally came to a conclusion about this decision, however, before he decided on anything, he wanted to ask Boruto and Denki about their opinion about it. Again, as we mentioned, the episode doesn’t sound exciting at all. I hope there is more than what spoilers reveal to us.

Boruto Episode 97: Release Date

Boruto Episode 97 airs on 9th March 2019. You may watch it on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Funimation.

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Written by Vasu Sharma

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