Boruto Episode 103 spoilers, synopsis, release and watch online

    Boruto Episode 103 spoilers, synopsis, release and watch online

    Boruto episode 103 release is almost here! One more filler arc is currently ongoing in the anime. These fillers don’t seem to end soon, but we don’t wish to be pessimistic anymore. The present arc features Jugo in abundance, who happens to be one of Orochimaru’s subjects. The arc has pretty much been average like most of the Boruto anime arcs.


    Boruto episode 102 spoilers and synopis

    Boruto Episode 103- Breakdown

    Before we begin with Boruto anime breakdown, this article may have some spoilers that you may be looking forward to avoiding. If you are a Boruto fan, try not going ahead with the Boruto article. If you’re fine Boruto spoilers, we may begin right away!

    Before we begin, here’s the last episode recap: the episode 102 saw Boruto and company falling for enemies. The opponents just wanted Jugo’s body for using it to power Curse Marks. Karin and Sarada are also seen involved in this chapter as the duo takes on an enemy proficient enough to use Curse Mark.

    Boruto episode 103 spoilers

    Boruto Episode 103- Breakdown

    Nue fought alongside Sumire however, Nue lost the control of his powers after a point although the whole episode was good enough.

    Titled as “Migration Season”, the next chapter will finally the involvement of Boruto. The arc will also end in two or more episodes. This will also consist of Jugo.

    Fans should also expect a few fights towards the end of the Boruto episode 103, and by the time the whole arc comes to an end for we may see fresh content from the manga.

    Boruto episode 103 Release date

    Boruto episode 103 will premiere on 21st April. Fans may stream it online on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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