Boruto Episode 102 is all set to be released this Sunday. While there aren’t many official details revealed just yet, we still have a rough idea of the synopsis, spoilers and where to watch the episode online.

The current Boruto anime filler arc has done pretty well until now. We all have enjoyed it a lot and we believe it will get better as we will move towards the climax now.

This arc will resonate the importance of Jugo and we believe that fans will get witness more of Jugo in the upcoming Boruto episode. Boruto, meanwhile, has yet again been betrayed and we believe that he will have to get all the courage to go against what’s apt. Now just let’s jump into Boruto episode 102 now.

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Before we begin, please remember that this article may have major or minor spoilers for Boruto episode 102. If you are an avid Boruto fan, avoiding these silly spoilers and episode synopsis, go no further. However, if you’re okay with them, feel free to read ahead.

Boruto Episode 102 Spoilers

Boruto Episode 102- Spoilers

The next Boruto episode will finally see the beginning of the fight. As guessed in the past, this is a part of the plan to get hold of Jugo’s body, using the date in research in order to aid Curse marks. This was what the plan was all about and Boruto and rest of the members fell prey to it. All of them, however, still have it with them to make it all right by taking their stance for the correct side.

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According to the spoilers and Boruto episode 102 synopsis, the perpetrator will be taken on by Boruto and no mercy shall be shown by him at all. We also speculate the involvement of Jugo and as the whole arc will end in two more episodes, Namida along with others will have to be involved one significant way or the other. We believe that they will have to spare all the birds.

Boruto Episode 102 Release Date

Boruto Episode 102- Release Date

Boruto episode 102 will air on April 14, Sunday.

Boruto Episode 102: How To Watch online

Fans may watch Boruto 102 online on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.