‘Boruto’ Episode 100- Release Date And Spoilers- Team 7 Loses ‘All Tranquilizers’

The issue with birds who are aggressive and the cursed seal of Jugo will get much more serious now in Boruto Episode 100. The preview features Jugo undergoing yet another transformation. The teasers reveal about Team 7 losing an important device to help tame the shinobi.

Boruto: Story so far..

Boruto episode 100- Story so far

Mitsuki, Sarada, Boruto will be working alongside Tosaka and Jugo in Episode 100. They were attempting to check out who or rather what will control the birds, making them enough aggressive to become a problem for villagers. But the villagers are aware that birds are behaving that way due to the power of the cursed seal.

Boruto Episode 100 spoilers

‘Boruto’ Episode 100 Spoilers

According to the latest spoilers, the participation of Jugo in Boruto is really significant as having own Curse, he can take in the whole power that’s taking control of the birds. Jugo will still take part in Boruto episode 100 alongside the ornithologist or expert of birds, Tosaka. Jugo has a huge stash of tranquilizers that they might use to help the birds rescue.

Post an “incident” many things might go south, which will make Team 7 to lose every tranquilizer that they have in Episode 100, as per the synopsis released. The tranquilizer mentioned will not just rescue all birds but will also help Jugo to break out of the seal which transforms him into a bloodlust-y beast.

The past few episodes feature a researcher hailing from Land of Rivers had been spying on all. Whatever “incident” comes in Boruto episode 100, the researcher may be one of the many perpetrators.

Boruto Episode 100 synopsis, preview and release Date

Boruto Episode 100’s preview also features Jugo turning into a beast right outside his own cave. In case all that’s happening after they lost all tranquilizers, this may mean a lot for Tosaka and Team 7. Boruto Episode 100 is titled as “An Established Path” that may hint at a few flashbacks which may involve Jugo. Episode 100 of Boruto will air on March 31.