After a mammoth success of Black Panther across the globe, speculations are rife about Black Panther 2 being in the pipeline. And we have got no doubt about it. Particularly, since the panther has truly stolen our hearts with killer moves. Although we obviously know who is going to play panther!

Finding the right villain for the job has turned out to be a war against an army of Spartans. Fans from different parts of the world have different opinions, some even recommending some sort of a zombie to do justice to the role.

Black Panther 2: Who will be cast as the villain

So who is going to be the next bad man of Wakanda in Black Panther 2?

Alright! The strongest contender for the role is obviously Achebe. For those who don’t know Achebe, he is one of the most known enemies of Black Panther from the original comic series. The filmmakers have not yet utilised the lands of Wakanda quite well.

So it kind of looks like they will now introduce the deadly Achebe to spruce up the sequel. Pitting Achebe against him will only amp up the plot.

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The Legend of Achebe

Achebe is quite a cool villain with legends backing him up for survival. The mysteries revolving around his birth and origin are difficult to crack. The man has even sold his soul to the devil. A battle with him for even Black Panther would be like hunting for Crystal Skulls in the Kingdom of Akator.

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With a variety of layers and shades, the filmmakers have options to introduce changes to his character or, rather, keep as it is.

Black Panther 2, reportedly will hit theatres in 2021. Stay tuned here for updates and we promise to bring you the updates as soon as we hear more.