Miley Cyrus Black Mirror Season 5 review and reactions

Black Mirror Season 5 is coming out and it has made fans excited all over the world. Black Mirror is one of the most unique shows on Netflix which focuses on the side effects of increasing technology on our life.

The latest interactive Black Mirror: Bandersnatch garnered a lot of attention, as viewers able to choose their own outcome.

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The major reason for the popularity of season 5 is the inclusion of Miley Cyrus as the main lead. Here are some major updates on the Black Mirror episode of Miley Cyrus.

 Episode Trailer

The trailer for the Black Mirror episode starring Miley Cyrus focuses on her character and the troubles with her stardom. Miley is shown to be a rising pop star after whom an Android doll is modeled.

It also deals with the loneliness felt by the big celebrities, and how they also want to have some simple moments in their life. It also features a little girl who brought the doll and considers it as her best friend. Black Mirror Season 5 has titled the Miley Cyrus episode as Rachel, Jack, and Ashely, Too.

Rachel, Jack, and Ashley, Too

Black Mirror Season 5 review and reactions

The plot of this Black Mirror episode looks simple but takes a dark turn soon. Miley is shown as a pop star named Ashley who wears a purple wig and lots of make-up. While on stage, Ashley is a very confident girl, in reality, it is revealed to be totally opposite. She lives a simple life in her alone time, while her media management team ran by her aunt controls everything.
It all leads to the creation of an Android doll which is called Ashley Too, as in Ashley 2. A small girl named Rachel who doesn’t have many friends buys the doll and finds a companion in her. While Rachel’s brother Jack doesn’t like the doll. The Black Mirror season 5 episode deals with everyone’s struggle with loneliness.

Fan Reactions

Both the fans of Miley Cyrus and Black Mirror are very much excited for the episode. All of those wants to see more of Miley acting and singing, which the episode will feature. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Black Mirror Season 5 updates and other news.