Black Mirror season 5 release date number of episodes

Season 5 of Black Mirror is just a few weeks away from its release. But somehow there will be only three episodes in the upcoming season. The fans were unhappy and confused to hear this news.

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Black Mirror Season 5 to have only 3 episodes

Creator Charlie Brooker stepped in to explain why there are only three episodes in Black Mirror Season 5. The show is known for subverting expectations through its elaborate narratives. The science fiction show’s each episode is gut-wrenching and full of twist. It always leaves the viewers stunned.

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The trailer of Season 5 has already shown that the show will take the gut-wrenching twists to the next level. But the follow-up news about the number of episodes left a lot of people confused. The creator Charlie Brooker revealed the reason behind this. Charlie said that the interactive episode released in December titled “Bandersnatch” is the reason why the new season has less number of episodes.

Creator Charlie Brooker explained,

Originally, ‘Bandersnatch’ was part of season five. So, ‘Striking Vipers’ we actually shot before we started shooting ‘Bandersnatch’. ‘Smithereens’, a little bit of that overlapped with ‘Bandersnatch’.

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He also said that the episode “Bandersnatch” was equivalent to an entire season. The creator also explained his worries about releasing the episode as the part of the fifth season. But there were several roadblocks which may stop the viewers from viewing it on their devices.

This won’t be the first time when a Black Mirror season will consist of just three episodes. The first two installments of the show also had three episodes.