Wait for the release of Black Mirror season 5 is finally coming to an end. The new teaser of the series brings some solid news to its fans.

The previous season of the series, Black Mirror Season 4 was aired on Netflix in December 2017.  It has been a long and patient wait for all the Black Mirror fans out there.

Big treat to Black Mirror fans

black mirror season 5 release news

Meanwhile, a surprise treat landed for all the Black Mirror fans. The treat was an unnerving and interactive movie, Bandersnatch.

Satiating the hunger of the fans, Bandersnatch clicked through the unique characters based in an alternate world of the 1980s. The characters and story plot revolve around free will. Bandersnatch talks about the pros and cons of free will.

But there’s something more promising is the Season 5 trailer.

Black Mirror Season 5: Spoilers Alert


The official Black Mirror Season 5 trailer was launched on Wednesday, May 14, 2019.  Promising three new stories, the trailer featured onboarding of some of the favourite celebrities.

[fvplayer id=”1168″]

Black Mirror Season 5 trailer revealed the footage of Miley Cyrus, Angourie Rice, Andrew Scott, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Topher Grace.

As per the Hollywood Reporter, the creator and writer of Black Mirror universe, Charlie Booker, admitted the story plot will be challenging and complicated.

He also claimed that calling it difficult would be an understatement.

Is season 5 sequel to seasons before?

black mirror season 5 official trailer netflix

The information regarding direct sequels is unavailable at the moment. However, the creators denied a rumour and later deleted the tweet with the response.

The rumour was two about episodes, titled as, Sab Junipero and White Bear from season 2 and 3 to get direct sequels.

But this doesn’t stop us from getting plenty of adventure in the Black Mirror universe.

The season 5 has reportedly confirmed its release date as June 5, 2019.