Black Mirror Season 5 Netflix

Black Mirror Season 5 is among the most anticipated Netflix shows of 2019. The hype for the fifth season has peaked – especially following the release of ‘Bandersnatch’. Given that the show did not get a fifth season last year, it is highly anticipated to come out in 2019.

Let us take a closer look at Black Mirror Season 5 on Netflix – and everything that we expect from the show!

Black Mirror Season 5 Episodes
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Black Mirror Season 5 Episode Details

The fifth season of Black Mirror is expected to feature a larger number of episodes than it usually does. The Channel 4 edition of the show had three episodes per season. However, ever since it moved to Netflix, Black Mirror has had six episodes per season.

This is likely to change with Black Mirror Season 5 which may feature up to 10 episodes. Moreover, we also expect that at least one of the episodes will be interactive in nature, as seen in the past in Bandersnatch.

Black Mirror Season 5
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Black Mirror Season 5 Release Date

As of this writing, neither Netflix nor the creators of the show have provided a release date for the show. However, Black Mirror episodes usually release towards the end of the year. Going by that assumption, Season 5 might come out sometime around Q4 2019.

Black Mirror Season 5 Cast

Black Mirror Season 5 Cast
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The fifth season of Black Mirror is also expected to feature an exciting special guest star – Miley Cyrus. While most of the details about the show have been kept under tight wraps, we expect Miley Cyrus’s involvement to be more than just a rumour.

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